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Hen Welfare and Education Centre

British Hen Welfare Trust

Hen Welfare and Education Centre

The British Hen Welfare Trust have finally announced after all of the fundraising efforts, work will begin on the UK’s first hen welfare and education centre in April.

The centre is being built next to Hen Centre in Rose Ash, North Devon and will provide a permanent re-homing base for the charity there, as well as space to hold educational talks for schools, businesses and veterinary professionals.

The building will include a hen hospital, complete with cosy coops for them to rest and relax in. Re-homers will be able to shelter inside from the elements (or roam outside when it’s sunny) and enjoy a cup of coffee whilst waiting for thier hens, as well as find out more about what we can do from various information boards around the building.

A walkway will look on to our hen education area, where schools can learn more about their hens. Outside will be lawns and a picnic area for vistiors whilst their resident hens roam nearby.

The new centre will be a vast improvement on current facilities at Hen Central and they cannot wait for the building to be finished. Keep an eye on their social media channels for more information and updates as the building progresses.

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