Beech House Vets | Prescriptions
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Repeat Prescriptions

Many animals may need repeat prescriptions. Depending on the medication, your animal or farm herd or flock must have been seen by the vet in the last 2-12 months.  You can phone and ask for a repeat prescription.  You would need to make an appointment for your pet if they have not been seen by a vet for any longer duration.

We also can provide prescriptions for medicated feedstuffs.

Please give us 48 hours notice for all prescriptions.  Prescriptions requested on a Friday will be available on a Tuesday.

Written Prescriptions are Available from this Practice

 You can obtain Prescription Only Medicines – Category V (POM-V’s) from this practice or ask for a written prescription if we have seen your animals.

We only prescribe POM-V’s for animals under our care.

Any patient requiring a repeat prescription must have been seen by a veterinary surgeon in this practice within the last 6 months. Written Prescriptions cost £24.00.  Medication reviews for written prescriptions need to be done at least every 6 months, or more often, at the direction of the veterinary surgeon treating your pet. These cost £30.00.  You can ask the cost of POM-V medicines at any time.

Written prescriptions must be ordered at least 3 working days in advance.

Ask at Reception for more information.