Beech House Vets | Seeing The Vet
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Seeing The Vet

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Always telephone for an appointment on 01327-354477. A nurse or receptionist will be able to give advice about the care of your pet as well as arranging an appointment. Consultation times are from 9am -12 noon and 4pm-6pm, Monday-Friday and from 9am-11.00am on Saturdays.  Emergency cases can be seen at any time.  Please do not email us for an appointment, as we cannot guarantee you will get immediate attention.

Appointments are sometimes available at short notice.

The vet will give your animal a thorough examination and advice about all aspects of their health. You can ask the vet about any of your pet’s problems.  After operations and laboratory tests, the vet will always contact you about the results.





If you no longer need your appointment or you know that you will be late or cannot make it, please inform us as soon as possible, so another animal can be seen. We regret that appointments that have been missed, without prior notice will be charged for.


Due to allergies, we would ask that all small animals, when they are brought into the practice do not have hay, straw or sawdust in their bedding.  Thank you so much .