Beech House Vets | Diet
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Getting the right diet for your pet can help to keep them in tip-top condition.  We have diets which relate to your pet’s life stage and diets for particular breeds.  Also, we provide food especially for working dogs.  Veterinary prescription diets are available to give support through long-term conditions, such as diabetes.

Our practice is a Burns Food stockist.  It is a British family owned business, unlike many large brands, which belong to multi-national corporations. Burns Food has a holistic approach to dietary issues, rather than many foods, which are designed to assist one particular body function.  It is highly digestible and contains high-quality, locally sourced ingredients, so your pet does not need to eat so much.  It also has behavioural benefits and can help to reduce hyperactivity.  The nutritional/cost balance is very good.  Please see link for more information.