Beech House Vets | Open for Vaccinations
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Open for Vaccinations

Open for Vaccinations

As advised by RCVS, we are now gradually increasing our caseload.  If your pet ‘s vaccinations were due between 1st March and 30th June 2020, you can now book them in.  If, due to the pandemic, your animal’s vaccination booster has elapsed and you need to start again, the good news is that you will only be charged for  the price of the booster.   For all overdue L4’s, which have gone beyond the 3 month overdue time, you will need to re-start. We are open for vaccinations Mondays – Fridays.   Saturday mornings from July 2020 will re-open for vaccinations only, by appointment.

However, our Waiting Room is still closed to all clients, but is open for pets!  Just knock on our door and we will collect your animal from you  and deliver them back again afterwards.  We are sill observing the social distancing rules.

We are thankful to our clients for their patience during this unprecedented period.

Stay safe and well!

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